Powder Coating is a specialized finishing process ideal for aluminum or alloy metal wheels, with hundreds of different colors to chose from.  Powder Coating takes its name from the dry base chemical compound which is applied to the surface of the wheel and then heat treated to create a uniform, smooth, resilient finish.  The result is a tough "skin" for your wheel that will resist the wear and tear of the road.


Sand Blasting/ Welding

Sand Blasting is the best process to prep metal for Powder Coating if needed.  It is especially effective to remove old paint or rust.  We use the best environmentally friendly synthetic media which leaves your parts clean and etched and ready for powder coat.  We offer Welding fabrication and repair for projects of all types, including wheel repair.


Step One

Step One is to choose a color for your powder coat. Some of the most popular colors are black, gunmetal and silver.  Come into Wrap Mogul to take a look at our color samples; we have over 10 shades of silver/ graphite/ gunmetal alone. Consider a more bold choice for a pop of bright, aggressive color to contrast or compliment your primary vehicle shade. Or choose to color match you car with a resilient powder coat in your vehicle's primary color. Once you make your color choice, it's time to select the finish for your Powder Coat.  Wrap Mogul offers three Powder Coat finishes to choose from, to get your look just right: High Gloss, Semi Gloss or Matte.


High Gloss or Shiny

Just as the name implies.  Treat your wheels to a high gloss powder coat to get a factory-like paint finish, with a glossy, smooth, clear coat.  A high gloss powder coat creates a bright, classy look, with a strong reflection that changes light to sparkle and dance as the wheels roll, turning heads with a sophisticated, luxurious, high end style.


Semi Gloss or Satin

The perfect middle option for powder coating.  Semi-gloss finish isn't too bright or reflective but isn't too flat either- the best of both worlds.  A satiny finish that allows just the right amount of reflection, show casing the natural beauty of the wheel with a silky, refined style.


Matte Finish or Flat

Matte Powder Coat finish is a very popular  choice to create a more tough, aggressive, industrial looking finish, suggesting a under stated, race inspired, sporty look.  Show the world that your wheels mean business with a matte powder coat finish in the color of choice.

Powder Coating is also an excellent option for a budget conscious wheel refresh.  If your custom wheels are seeming a bit outdated, consider a powder coat to give them new life, without having to sacrifice your expensive treatment.  Invigorate stock wheels with a new color or finish, perhaps Satin Black, or Matte Gun Metal, to create a completely new custom look and retain the factory engineered integrity of your ride.

Best of all, at Wrap Mogul, our powder coating services is guaranteed from application defects, ensuring a professional, high quality finish overtime.

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